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main products

Main labels, barcode ribbons, cash register paper, computer paper, adhesive tape, toner cartridges and printing products, office consumables, printing consumables, etc.

  • Custom label

    Custom label

    Custom shipping labels, packaging labels, thermal labels, etc.

  • Barcode Ribbon

    Barcode Ribbon

    Customize Printer Ribbons of different sizes & Color barcode ribbon,wax ribbons, wax&resin ribbons, resin ribbons.

  • Thermal paper rolls

    Thermal paper rolls

    Wholesale thermal paper, cash register paper. Use BPA-free raw materials.

  • Carbonless paper

    Carbonless paper

    Wholesale carbonless paper, computer paper. Customize different sizes.

  • Packaging Tape

    Packaging Tape

    Production of clear and printed tapes,Support customization.

  • Toner Cartridge

    Toner Cartridge

    Customize toner cartridges for HP, Epson, Canon, Brother.


company profile

After 25 years of development, Shanghai Kaidun Office Equipment Co., Ltd. has 9 factories in major Chinese cities such as Beijing and Shanghai. In 2000, we founded the Yinghua brand. Yinghua soon became a famous brand in China, and carried out export trade, and has an excellent production and sales team, which is competitive in the same industry. The factory can produce all kinds of customized products, providing fast and convenient services for global customers.

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cooperation cases

  • 5 Years Of Cooperation

    5 Years Of Cooperation

    Our company and Delixi started cooperation in 2018. Our company has developed...

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  • 2 Years Of Cooperation

    2 Years Of Cooperation

    The company has cooperated with KFC since 2021. Provide thermal labels and thermal...

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    The company has cooperated with Burger King since 2019. Provided Burger King ...

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  • Custom Packaging Service

    Custom Packaging Service

    We have a complete supply chain to customize your own personalized outer packaging

  • Self-Owned labels Factory

    Self-Owned labels Factory

    Our labels, ribbons, cash register paper are produced in our modern factory, which helps us reduce costs and increase delivery of high-quality finished products.

  • Professional service

    Professional service

    25 years of production experience can turn the products you want into reality. We not only produce high-quality labels, but also provide reliable and fast ocean shipping services.


latest news

How to choose A4 paper
Medical wristband
QR code label


How to choose A4 paper

A4 paper suitable for printers is usually thicker, and some printers have special A4 paper. So you should carefully read the printer’s instruction manual before buying A4 paper. There are many thicknesses of A4 paper, such as 70gsm,80gsm and 100gsm. The thicker the thick...

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Medical wristband

The medical alert identification wristband is a unique identification worn on the patient's wrist, which is used to identify the patient and is distinguished by different colors. It has the patient's name, gender, age, department, ward, bed number and other information. ...

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QR code label

QR codes encode large amounts of information using less space than traditional barcodes. Users can save on consumables such as labels or ink. Additionally, it is suitable for very small products or round surfaces where other barcodes reach their maximum size. Advantages ...

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